We have added more materials to our range. These can be viewed at our premises or we can bring samples along to you.

Included in the range of products are

1. Neoprene foam rubber sheet on a roll in various thicknesses and colours. Suitable for areas where there are pets i.e. kennels. 

2. Nitrile rubber on a roll-Suitable for all areas where oil is used. Suitable for garages, service bays etc. This provides a safe surface which will help ergonomically.

3. Rubber Tiles in a range of 6 different colours-suitable for play areas and for temporary areas such as exhibitions, fairs etc.

4. Interlocking rubber tiles varying in thickness with a range of 6 colours-suitable for play areas etc. Interlocking tiles will not seperate in use.

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5. Rubber on a roll-suitable for interior areas where a safe non slip surface is required. This comes in black with "flecks" in different colours to provide a hardwearing surface. Uses include gymnasiums, sports Halls, walkways etc.

6. Rubber Pavers-suitable for heavy traffic areas that require high safety standards and exceptional durability. Dual layer construction in a variety of shapes. Ideal for walkways, driveways and recreation areas. Up to 45mm thickness. Can be layed over existing surfaces.


If you dont see anything you want then call us and we will help source the correct materials for your project. We have recently sourced ergonomic work mats for a client in San Miguel. Our aim is to provide a service to our clients which fulfils there needs exactly.


All of our ranges can be mixed and matched to provide patterns, various effects according to your needs.

Call us on 662 67 94 67 to view the full range range of products on offer or alternatively on our Contact Us page.